About The Dragun Corporation

We challenge conventional wisdom and industry norms – we think differently.  We use science and ingenuity to find practical business solutions involving environmental regulatory and remediation issues.  And since 1988, we have consistently helped our clients around the world overcome some of their most significant and challenging environmental obstacles.

We have worked in nearly every state in the United States and several provinces of Canada, Europe, and the Middle East. The findings of our work (projects, research, and publications) have been used in more than 45 different countries.  In addition to our staff having a wide range of experience in a variety of disciplines, most have earned advanced degrees and all have practical, hands-on experience.  Our staff includes project managers and field personnel so we can handle all aspects of projects.

For more information about The Dragun Corporation, go to our website at www.dragun.com.  If you have an immediate question or concern, contact our Farmington Hills, Michigan office at 248.932.0228, our Windsor, Ontario office at 519.979.7300, or our Toronto, Ontario office at 416.800.2140.


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