The Regulation of Large Livestock Agriculture – The Activists’ Opinions

A well-balanced scientific and legal discussion to help better understand environmental regulations at Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs), origins of eutrophication, and understanding potential causes of aquatic dead zones…is not what you will find in this 22-minute discussion.

If you would like to see a discussion by those who are opposed to large livestock operations (at least as they are currently regulated), this may be worth your 22 minutes.  This discussion is hosted by Huff Post Live includes Jon Devine, Senior Attorney at National Resource Defense Counsel; Robert Lawrence, Center for a Livable Future (Johns Hopkins); Mary Ellen Kustin, Legislative Analyst, Environmental Working Group; and Matt Rota, Director of Gulf Restoration Network.

Lest there be any misgivings about this discussion, the title is, “You’re Drinking Poop.”