Environmental Anything v Environmental Something: Being Different

Twenty-five years ago, with a different vision about how environmental consulting should look, we opened our doors for business. We believed that science and ingenuity had a place in the market.  But, truthfully, the barriers to market entry were not very limited.  Environmental Anything would do just fine.  So, how did we start?  We didn’t put environmental in our name, we went with The Dragun Corporation.  From day one, we set out to be very different.

With an abundance of opportunities in the late 1980s, conventional wisdom suggested that if you simply follow the regulator’s requests for more work, you will have plenty of profitable work.  However, what we saw in these requests was flawed science that would not help our clients achieve their goals, and we resisted the request for more data for the sake of data.  The result: we had less short-term work, but more long-term clients.  This was different.

One of the industry limitations we recognized early was a need for more hard, scientific data that would allow for better informed decisions.  So, we tasked ourselves to write technical books and papers on our own time.  This was most certainly different.

The trend in the 1990s was to hire “any warm body,” to carry out tasks.  However, we believed that those with scientific and engineering degrees and those with a propensity to be complex problem solvers, were more suited to a long-term business model.  This was different.

And then as projects became more challenging and complex, some shied away; but we accepted the challenge.  We achieved many “firsts,” including risk-based closures and eliminating unnecessary remediation that benefited neither the environment nor the client.  This was a difference our clients appreciated.

Later, when tough economic times and shrinking market share began to reshape and test the industry, we focused on our strengths.  We were rewarded as we were engaged on challenging and consequential projects that made their way to the highest courts in North America, and another that involved aggressive negotiations with the Department of Justice.  This, too, was very different.

And today, there are global environmental challenges, leaving many with a cynical view…and so we find ourselves again taking a different view.  Because we see an abundance of opportunities and we are confident that we can, and will, find solutions – solutions based firmly on sound science and engineering principles.

In 1988, we set out to challenge the conventional wisdom and the norms of our industry.  We truly believed then, and continue to believe to this day, that there is a market for an environmental consulting company that uses science and ingenuity to find practical business solutions.  And so we remain – proudly different as we celebrate our 25th year.

The Dragun Corporation: Established May 18, 1988


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