This post (by Jack Benton) has nothing to do with environmental issues, but is a rather “chilling” reminder to us all about distracted driving.

EHS Safety News America

This video seems to have a viral history across the internet and I’m told this occurred on a highway in Russia. None the less, watch the vehicle directly ahead of the vehicle filming this.  While we don’t know the cause of the vehicle losing control…. for obvious reasons, this should be  a warning to us all, especially in bad weather.

See how quickly your life could change by taking your eyes of the road for “one split second”?  Please Don’t Text or engage in any other task that will cause you to be distracted while driving, and always maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you.

 Safe Driving Tips!

Every driver should have the goal to be as safe as possible on the road.

The 2 most important habits that will prevent collisions are diligent observation and keeping space around your vehicle

A drivers eyes should…

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