New Cleanup Standards in Ontario: Case Study

If you are attending the CANECT Conference in Mississauga, Ontario on May 1 & 2, one of my colleagues, Chris Paré, will be conducting a 20 minute “Floor Presentation” from 12:10 to 12:30 pm on May 1st (see abstract below).

Working with the new Environmental Cleanup Standards

When the new cleanup standards (O.Reg 153/04, 511/09) were proposed, there was a lot of concern about how these new cleanup standards would affect site investigation and remediation activity in Ontario. Would there be increased costs? Would projects linger and never be completed? Would these standards make site redevelopment impossible? In our brief presentation we will look at “real world” case studies (from site investigation to remediation) using the new cleanup standards. We will examine how the new Standards have affected the cost and timing of investigations and/or remediation.” The case studies are based on soil and groundwater assessments and remediation projects completed within the past 12 – 24 months.


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