Soil and Groundwater Nerds

We are captivated by soil and groundwater.  Absolutely nothing brings us more excitement than to be confronted by extraordinarily complex soil and groundwater issues.  The more complicated, the more exciting we find it!  We get downright giddy when we face a soil or groundwater problem that no one else can solve…we cherish the opportunity to have a crack at the problem.

We may not be the most exciting people to chat with at a party, but if you (or your client) are “in a jam” because of contaminated soil or groundwater, sidle up next to us at the vegi-tray and grab our attention.

We are well aware that not everyone shares our passion for such seemingly tedious and boring subjects as impacted soil and groundwater, but it is our life!  Fortunately, there are those who seek people with such passion, and they won’t settle for someone with a passing fancy or a keen interest…they want someone with passion!

Perhaps you (or your client) are knee deep in the proverbial doo-doo and you are thinking to yourself, “I need someone that lives, eats, breathes, and sleeps soil and groundwater…”

You just found the nerds that fit the bill.

If you would like additional information, call Dr. Michael Sklash (groundwater nerd) at 248.932.0228 or by email (


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