Soil and Groundwater Remediation Seminar Returns to Toronto Area

Essential Information You MUST Have BEFORE You Begin Soil/Groundwater Remediation.

If you missed our seminars in April and October 2011, don’t miss this next opportunity!

 “I was pleasantly surprised by the seminar. I usually attend this sort of thing with some degree of trepidation because it is usually 90% biased sales pitch wrapped in 10% useful information. Your seminar was almost 100% useful or potentially relevant. I wish I had seen it seven years ago, before we started our remediation.”

-A CEO who attended our Soil/Groundwater Remediation seminar

What’s worse than realizing you have to spend time and money on soil or groundwater remediation?  Spending the time and money and getting no closer to the end point!

There is no doubt that there are many proven remediation methods and many contractors who can execute these remediation technologies…but…this should NOT be your starting point!  Before you focus on solutions, make sure you clearly understand the problem and how the myriad of potential solutions apply to your specific situation.  That is where our seminar will prove valuable to anyone who is now, or in the future, tasked with site remediation.

We will spend two hours helping you understand the fundamentals of site characterization and remedy selection.  We will also discuss how to avoid common mistakes in site assessments and subsequent costly remediation.


  • The basics of site characterization: What factors control what happens to releases?
  • The fate and transport of releases in the subsurface: What’s with LNAPLs, DNAPLs, sinkers, floaters, retardation, etc.?
  • Basics of site remediation: What is best for my site?
  • How to reduce groundwater remediation efforts and expense
  • Site remediation options
  • How changes in O.Reg 511 affect site activities
  • Mini-Case Studies

Senior Dragun associates, Dr. Michael Sklash, P.Eng. and Matthew Schroeder, M.S., will co-present.  Mike and Matt have worked on site assessment and remediation projects together for more than 15 years.

 Thursday, March 22, 2012

9:00 am to 11:00 am

(please arrive between 8:30 am and 9:00 am)

Best Western (Octaviens)

559 Bloor St. W.

Oshawa, ON L1J 5Y6

There is no cost to attend, but space is limited!

To reserve your space, contact Agnes

( at 519-979-7300

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