EPA 2011 Enforcement Results

Today, the EPA released their annual enforcement and compliance results for FY 2011.  According to the EPA, enforcement has resulted in “commitments” to the following

Install pollution controls for a cleaner tomorrow: $19 billion invested to improve environmental performance and compliance efforts, a record year, including $3 billion dollars to clean up hazardous waste in communities

Protect people’s health from dangerous pollution: 1.8 billion pounds of harmful air, water, and chemical pollution reduced and 3.6 billion pounds of hazardous waste reduced, properly disposed of or treated

Deter illegal pollution through civil penalties: $168 million in civil penalties assessed ($152 million in federal penalties and $16 million in actions taken jointly by EPA and state and local governments)

Fight environmental crime: $35 million in fines and restitution, $2 million in court ordered environmental projects and 89.5 years of incarceration to deter future violations and hold violators accountable

Invest additional resources in affected communities: $25 million committed by companies through enforcement settlements to conduct supplemental environmental projects in communities”

Of course, what some might consider an “investment” others would consider “bleeding money.”  Our objective is to help companies protect the environment, maintain compliance, and avoid bleeding money in the process.

If you have questions about environmental assessments or remediation, contact Jeffrey A. Bolin, M.S. (jbolin@dragun.com) at 248-932-0228.


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