ECO Report: Ontario Losing Momentum on Environmental Issues

According to a November 29, 2011, Media Release, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO), Gord Miller, is “worried that Ontario has lost momentum when it comes to the province’s pressing environmental issues.” 

Appointed by the Legislative Assembly, the ECO is tasked with monitoring and reporting on compliance with the Environmental Bill of Rights, the government’s success in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and in achieving greater energy conservation in Ontario.

Mr. Miller goes on to suggest that he is unhappy with some who oppose the current direction of environmental policy in Ontario. “Some people really are very good at casting doubt or confusion in the public’s mind on the nature of environmental problems and their possible solutions. After all, they are often complicated issues. And, some of these people may be legitimately sceptical. But there are others who are public relations professionals and are deliberately confusing the issues to serve the agenda of one or another vested interest.”

As it relates to ECO’s assessment of the Ministry of the Environment’s performance, the ECO is concerned about the progress in addressing waste. In the Media Release they state, “The Ministry of the Environment has written four different reports and discussion papers outlining options for increasing waste diversion in the province. But this has resulted in little action on what should be one of the government’s top environmental priorities.”

However, in regard to cooperation with ECO, the report states, “Throughout the reporting year, the ECO regularly interacts with the EBR office at MOE, as well as its staff….the EBR office staff have been co-operative and provided helpful responses to ECO requests. Overall, the ECO continues to see an improvement in response times and co-operation from MOE.”

The entire report can be found here

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