SPCC Amendments: The Deadline Has Passed

Yesterday, November 10, 2011, was the deadline to comply with the (United States Environmental Protection Agency) SPCC rule amendments.  You may recall that last fall, many facilities were given an extra year to comply with the SPCC rule amendments*. 

One of my colleagues was recently at a seminar and heard a regulator speak about the, now expired, deadline.  The regulatory was unapologetic in how they viewed enforcement now that we have moved past the SPCC rule deadline; tough talk or an indication of regulatory enforcement?

You can find information about the SPCC rules on the EPA website http://www.epa.gov/osweroe1/content/spcc/

If you have any specific questions or need assistance, contact Matthew Schroeder, P.E. (mschroeder@dragun.com) at 248-932-0228.

*Agriculture was given until May 2013 to comply with the amendments.  See our October 18, 2011 blog.


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