2012 US Environmental Enforcement Focus

In reviewing the 2012 “Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance (OECA) Final National Program Manager (NPM) Guidance” one word seemed to standout: aggressively.  

The very first enforcement goal for 2012 listed by OECA is, “Aggressively go after pollution problems that make a difference in communities.”  They further state in describing this goal; “EPA will use vigorous civil and criminal enforcement that targets the most serious water, air and chemical hazards; and advance environmental justice by protecting vulnerable communities.”

This one statement seemed to raise several questions

  • What is “vigorous…enforcement”?
  • How will they quantify the “most serious”?
  • How will “environmental justice” be interpreted?  
  • What are “vulnerable” communities and how do they propose to protect them?

In our most recent Environmental Minute we take brief look at this document and in light of it, offer some practical environmental compliance tips.  Also if you would like to read the nearly 90-page OECA document, we provide you a link in our Environmental Minute as well.

If you would like to read more about this OECA’s guidance, see our Environmental Minute.  If you need assistance with an environmental compliance or remediation issue, feel free to contact our office below.


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