Did Obama “Double-Cross Environmentalist” or Make a Good Decision?

Did President Obama “double-cross” environmentalists?  That is the allegation in a recent article in “The Nation.”  In discussing the President’s order to delay new regulations on ozone emissions, the editors of The Nation say, “Obama blatantly double-crossed environmentalists, who were suing the EPA over these regulations when Obama took office.”  See our April 6, 2011, post for a related story on ozone http://tinyurl.com/3t7wbba

The article in The Nation also takes issue with President Obama’s stance on the “…climate-killing tar sands pipeline to run from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.”  Opposition to the “tar sands pipeline” (The Keystone XL Project) led to two weeks of protest and over 1,200 arrests.  This made this protest the largest act of environmental civil disobedience in US history.  The entire article can be found here http://www.thenation.com/article/163386/after-obamas-broken-promises-will-green-voters-sit-out-2012

The Heartland Institute and other conservative groups take a different view of The Keystone XL Project.  In a July 26, 2011, commentary The Heartland Institute states, “The likely alternative to the Keystone XL Project is a series of pipelines to the British Columbia coast. The Energy Department study concludes those pipelines would open Canadian oil sands to Asian markets and substantially increase U.S. dependence on Middle Eastern and African crude oil.” Their commentary can be found here http://heartland.org/policy-documents/research-commentary-keystone-xl-pipeline





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