Soil and Groundwater Remediation Seminar in Richmond Hill, Ontario

In April of this year, we provided a seminar on environmental remediation (“Essential Information You Must Have Before You Begin Soil/Groundwater Remediation”) in Burlington, Ontario.  We presented technical information on site characterization and discussed various site remediation options.

What we found out after our seminar is our presentation exceeded the expectations of the attendees, some of whom were apprehensive and thought we might launch into a “sales pitch” at any moment.  I understand; I’ve been to these types of seminars (that’s why you sit close to the nearest door).  

We’ve been conducting seminars for nearly 25 years and our goal has always been to teach you what we have learned through education and experience, help you make better business decisions, and certainly if you believe we can help – we are more than happy to meet with you after the seminar.

On October 4th will be conducting an “encore” performance of our environmental remediation seminar, this time in Richmond Hill, Ontario.  If you would like more information about the seminar and/or would like to register, follow this link to our website.


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