Administrator Lisa Jackson, Testimony Before the U.S. House Committee on Agriculture

As part of a prepared statement before the US House Committee on Agriculture, US EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said, “…I would like to take a moment today to address some of the mischaracterizations that have been, at times, unaddressed, or that need to be addressed again…”

Administrator Jackson went on to give five examples of how EPA’s intentions have been mischaracterized – mentioning specifically, “emissions from cows,” dust emissions on farms, spray drift, nutrient limits, and regulation of milk as an oil (under the SPCC program).

 Elaborating on the regulation of milk under the SPCC regulation, Administrator Jackson said, “…finally is the notion that EPA intends to treat spilled milk in the same way as spilled oil. This is simply incorrect. Rather, EPA has proposed, and is on the verge of finalizing an exemption for milk and dairy containers. This exemption needed to be finalized because the law passed by Congress was written broadly enough to cover milk containers.  It was our work with the dairy industry that prompted EPA to develop an exemption and make sure the standards of the law are met in a commonsense way.  All of EPA’s actions have been to exempt these containers.  And we expect this to become final very shortly.”

If indeed the EPA takes this action (soon), it will be very welcomed news. To see our previous comments relating to the applicability of the SPCC regulation at agriculture, click here

To read the entire prepared statement by Administrator Jackson, click here

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